Thirubalasakhyam (The Holy Childhood) is a pious association for the CCD students those who haven’t received Holy Communion. Thirubalasakhyam help the formation of Children to grow in faith and grace of Jesus Christ.

The main aim is to help the little children to be filled with love for Infant Jesus, andencourage them to do little services motivated by the love of Infant Jesus.

This organization help to mold the religious life of growing children and instills wisdom and Catholic values in them so that they grow up as valuable for the Family, the Church, Community, the Society and God.

Thirubala Sakhyam upholds the slogan "To Jesus Through Mary". They assemble on last Sunday of every month during CCD class. Monthly meeting starts with prayer followed by classes on various subjects of their age group.

They learn Marian prayers and Sukrutha Japams and how to pray for less for fortunate children of their age group. Students come together for prayer and other charitable activities.

They plan on ideas to help less fortunate children and collect funds through their own sacrifices and hard work to raise money through bake; food sales activities to help the charitable donations for children.


Leena Antony