March 22nd, 2020

Fr. George

General Announcements

  • As I announced earlier this week, we are moving the time of Holy Qurbana on WEEKDAYS to start 30 min early. There will be adoration from 6pm to 7pm and Holy Qurbana at 7pm on Weekdays.
  • We will continue to provide live streaming of the Holy Qurbana on all days so that you can attend from home.
  • The 12-hour adoration planned on Sat Mar 28th is cancelled.
  • If you are in need of any form of assistance during this crisis period, please get in touch with your ward leaders or the Agape Ministry.
  • I will always be available for any spiritual assistance that you need at this time. Please feel free to contact me at (xxx) xxx xxxx (please refer to the announcements email from church for the number).

CCD updates

  • Emails have been sent out to all CCD parents about assignments for the different CCD grades. Please remind your children about the same and work with them to complete the assigned tasks.
  • As Achan has encouraged us to do, please stay together in Family Prayer and reading the Holy Bible at least 15 minutes after the Holy Qurbana at your home.

Other updates

  • Due to Coronovirus, we will modify our serving the Needy on March 28.
  • Instead of serving inside the church hall, a few volunteers from our church will hand out purchased hot food and $10 gift card to each guest outside the hall. Since we are buying food, no need to sign up for items. No need to physically participate in the serving.
  • How can you help? You can help through any financial contribution to serving the needy via Paypal (preferred) or check.
Past Announcements